Events & Programs


All programs and events have unique needs and requirements.

Events are points of convergence to establish and build relationships. Events achieve engagement and sincere connections for life-long relationships.

Planning your program, event, social, wedding, or hospitality training is our focus. Brandywine Events brings forth undivided attention and event planning expertise to the table. Our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Like pyramid builders, we focus on the event’s foundation with a consistent “leader down” and “line staff up” approach.

A challenge as an event consultant, wedding planner, and hospitality management professional is framing the positive and productive mindset. To cultivate and nurture our clients, their attendees, and the community at large, the center of our attention and the core practices of Brandywine Events are commitment and completion.

Brandywine Events is a full event management team.

Brandywine Events services include, but are not limited to:

  • Venue Selection

  • Event Production and Management

  • Event Logistics

  • Supplier and Vendor Negotiations

  • Menu Construction and Design

  • Sustainable Event Practices

    • Zero Waste, Food Rescue, Awareness

  • Decor

  • Budget Analysis

  • On-site Services

  • Pre-event Meeting Planning

  • Post-event Meeting Recaps and Reviews

Corporate Conferences, Events, and Programs

Private Event Planning

Weddings & Destination Weddings