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As we are all looking on how to go back to producing meetings and events, the main question is “how”?

The bottom line is safety!

How do we relate that to our clients, stakeholders, and their guests? Some say that they will not return until there is a vaccine. Others say that they are ready to go live now and then there are those in the middle that say, show me how we can be safe.

Last night I went to my 1st “live” industry event. I did so for a few reasons; I knew from previous visits to the host location, that all the safety protocols were in place and have been for several months. It was to be outside on their patio area and the organization made it a point to let us know that each of us were going to feel safe. To both those points it was true.

As I arrived, registration was set with the appropriate distancing, and touch free registration. Everyone was wearing masks and mindful of the “courtesies” which we are all accustomed to. While many of us have not seen each other since this began, there were the air hugs and fist and arm bumps, but I also felt safe in giving some real hugs. Afterall, I am of Italian descent and we are all about hugs.

The bar service was done well, and I was given my glass of wine in a real glass. We all waited to approach the bar and place our order and then step away.

The food was handled in a “Covid protocol” way, of course. Guests were asked to go in and be served by the staff as to what they would like to eat. There was a wide array of menu items; from chicken wings to pizza and pasta, all was served by the staff and even any of the condiments. I forgot for a moment and tried to reach for the hot pepper, when I was reminded by the staff, not to.

As we found our seats to enjoy the meal prepared, all the guests were mindful of the distance between each other.

I must say that my level of safety was at the high point throughout the event.

Given this experience and all the commentary and conversations with our Industry Leaders and colleagues, I feel well versed to produce meetings and events in the current climate and restrictions of my state and county.

Let us not be afraid but be wise in our ways of returning to business.

God speed to us all! ——- Photos provided by Photographer Morby Photography (Nace Philly)


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