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The Need to be Sustainable is Great

Written by Lou Marrocco, Brandywine Events Founder

My background and passion in the event industry for well over 30 years, has me always looking for new ideas, for great service providers and experiences.

When it comes to events and the venues, I automatically watch how the operation of the staff and their services are done. It is always enlightening.

On this day, it was a very warm and a well-attended concert. But I noticed a problem that made me stop and wonder, why this is still happening in 2022.

With the day being so warm and the drinks in high demand, where were the empties going? Unfortunately, there were no recycling bins to be found.

The only bins were trash. I would guess that with about 10,000 people and each one having 1 ½ drinks (remember it was a warm day) that would have accumulated approx. 15,000 cans and plastic cups heading to the landfill after just one event. We need to think about what we can do at our events to provide ways for our attendants to recycle and how to improve on our efforts. We cannot afford to go backwards and not care.

The irony in this example is that the venue states on their website that they practice “Environmental stewardship”. That clearly was not the case, and sadly not isolated, as I have attended other events at that venue.

I am sorry to report that they are not alone. I have witnessed other venues and outdoor fairs have forgotten or choose not to offer recycling bins. I have also heard the “what’s the big deal”? or, “the company we use for our trash does not recycle”.

We are the “Stewards” of our world, city, neighborhood, and household. It is our duty and responsibility as industry professionals and world citizens to do our part to make a difference.

Make the effort to take at least one step to make a difference.


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