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Updates for Meetings and Events

The world is opening up and those in the hospitality industry are noticing significant changes. So what does that mean for you while planning your next event? Luckily, the way things currently stand, we are able to host events. However, there are a few things you may want to consider, which we outlined below.

Hybrid events are here to stay least for a little longer. Technology has made the world flat and it allows for those interested in a keynote speaker to still attend events despite geographic location. This also means that hotels and venues will need high-quality wifi and tech equipment to meet the clients' needs. Hybrid events also allow for those extraverts among us to still get their fix of being face to face. So, properties will still need to provide space and food and beverage! With the new delta variant top of the news and thoughts, it is still important that the planners stay tuned in to the science and the CDC guide lines. For us to be able to best inform our clients and their attendees in real time, and have the back-up plan. Staffing It’s no secret that it is difficult to find staff these days. No matter the reason, all industries are seeing a decrease in available staff and new hires. When it comes to the hospitality industry, that means fewer hands on deck to run an event. In turn, that could mean venues and caterers take on fewer events in general or host events with limited guests. We will have this "staffing" problem for a while yet. It is important for us to keep that in mind when we are planning and know that it may take a bit longer to get the answers that we are used to getting more quickly.

Attendee Experience The attendee experience will continue to be of top importance. Events will need to come up with creative ways to engage attendees both in-person and virtually. After the pandemic, attendees will have a greater focus on health and wellness and any procedures and expectations will need to be clearly outlined before and during the event. This is so very true. The focus is on wellness. The guest experience is also top of the list. What can the company do to keep the attendees in-person and virtual engaged? How can we make it special? Hiring a meeting and event planner is the best way to take the planning and all the details off your plate. Especially now. Lack of support in the client companies and others having to do the planning work, which some had never done. Don't fall into a possible pit of overwhelming "planning work". There are qualified planners to help. With BWE, we will guide and work with you, for you and by your side, to succeed. Our team at Brandywine Events can help answer any questions you may have while keeping on top of the latest trends and rules. Contact us today to get started in Pennsylvania, California, and everywhere in between.

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